What Are Mobility Moves?

Mobility Moves are the central building blocks to creating a total mobility network in our region. They will help our region remain focused on our key priorities as we make this idea a reality.

Each one includes key recommendations paired with specific strategies, action-oriented implementation steps, and suggested timeframes. The recommendations:

  • Consider future-proofing to strengthen mobility for years to come.
  • Encourage modernization and the adoption of new technologies.
  • Enhance equity to reduce disparities in transportation access.
  • Identify the necessary agency for implementation.
  • Keep you at the centerpiece of each recommendation.

Why Mobility Matters

  • Connect people to jobs
  • Provides local and regional travel options
  • Enhances upward mobility
  • Attracts new talent
  • Increases economic competitiveness
  • Allow travelers to mix and match mobility options

Currently, the CONNECT Beyond region has a limited number of mobility options. Many are not regionally coordinated or connected, making it difficult for residents and visitors to use their preferred mobility option. The Mobility Moves will help our region move toward a total mobility network.